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Our People

What We Do is a “Work of Heart”

Our caregivers have the biggest hearts, and their compassion extends far beyond their job titles or job descriptions. They never hesitate to go that extra mile for the care and happiness of our residents. Here are a few examples of many!

In a recent session of Karaoke at Aegis of Pleasant Hill, our Maintenance Director, Bill, crooned for our beloved residents. He drew a large crowd and even bigger smiles from residents delighted to see and hear our handyman behind the microphone. It turns out that our rugged Mr. Fix-It has a silky smooth voice.

At Aegis of Napa, our Resident Services Director, Becky, took a new resident to a recent dentist appointment. Jane was scared and nervous about her appointment, so Becky stayed by her side and held her hand through the dental procedure. The dentist and his staff were so impressed by the care given by Becky – especially knowing the strong grip that Jane had on her fingers! A truly grateful and relieved Jane said that nowhere else compared to the care and love that she has received from the staff at Aegis Living.


Robert, a new resident at Aegis of Carmichael, was adjusting to his new routine. One night at dinner, Chef Steve stopped by his table to see how he liked his meal. Robert had great things to say, but he was afraid that he had left his upper teeth on his dinner plate. Chef said not to worry, that he would find them. He donned his gloves and proceeded to sort through the garbage to look for the missing dentures. He was determined to not let Robert down, but could not find the lost teeth.

Chef Steve went to Robert’s room to regrettably let him know how hard he tried to find them. It was then that Steve had an idea and asked Robert to smile. Robert, being a very amiable man, flashed him a big smile. There were the “missing” teeth! They shared a big laugh and said goodnight. At Aegis of Carmichael, we will do whatever it takes to bring a smile to those we care for.

One of our outstanding care managers at Aegis of Dana Point, Bryon, works in Life’s Neighborhood with our residents who have memory loss. To stay strong and get some exercise, Dean needs to walk everyday – but he is not always a willing participant. Knowing that Dean was in the Navy as a young man, Bryon decided to try something new one day and ask Dean to “march” with him. And it worked! Every day, you can find Bryon and Dean “marching” the halls, having fun and ensuring that Dean gets his needed exercise. It is this creativity and compassion of care managers, like Bryon, that makes Aegis Living so special.

Caring Staff

Jenette, one of our excellent Care and Medication Managers at Aegis of Dana Point, always goes out of her way to provide special care for all of our residents.  One day, Jenette was helping one of our residents, Becky, with her medication but Becky was upset.  She didn’t want to see anyone, didn’t want to talk and didn’t want to take her medication. Jenette knew that Becky was an excellent organ player and had a cassette tape of her favorite organ music. Jenette put the tape on. As the music began to play, Becky began to smile. Moving along to the music as if she was playing it herself, she began to cry happy tears. Before long, Jenette had given her the medication and Becky’s whole attitude had changed.

At Aegis of San Rafael, we want you to consider us your second family. One of our new residents, Leslie, needed to see his doctor. Leslie is a gentleman in his 80s who is wheelchair-bound. When Leslie was ready to go, Erick, our Maintenance Director, offered to drive him. Erick loaded Leslie into the van and off they went. When they got to the doctor’s office, Erick helped him out of the van and into the office. Erick told Leslie he would wait outside for him. Leslie got upset and insisted that Erick accompany him while the doctor examined him. Erick agreed. The doctor made a comment about what a nice son Leslie had. Leslie smiled and said, “he’s almost my son.”

Guitar playingAt Aegis of Ventura, we know that music has a healing power for our residents with dementia. Our Care Manager, Yoslyn, was happily dancing with Carl, a resident in Life’s Neighborhood™, which was surprising since Carl is usually very reserved and quiet, and does not smile much. But he was smiling and even giving her directions for how they should move. We love to provide unexpected opportunities for our residents to experience happy memories from their past and to create new ones with our caring staff.

Our housekeeper at Aegis Lodge, Manjit, has been with the company for over seven years and provides critical support for the daily care of all our residents. One resident, Richard, recently lost his wife. Richard had received a new shirt, folded and wrapped in paper, from his daughter to wear to the funeral. Richard was having a hard time with the shirt, which was terribly wrinkled. Manjit happily stepped in to unwrap the shirt and lovingly iron it. She also helped Richard knot his tie so he could look his best on that difficult day.

Dog CompanionSome of our most loving and patient caregivers come on four legs. These include the eager dogs and cats that are part of our homes. They are always there, with endless amounts of unconditional love and patience for our residents, family and guests. These furry caregivers have the power to calm the agitated, bring laughter to the sad and provide the warmth to heal loneliness.