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Senior Community Amenities in Seattle, WA - Aegis of West Seattle

Senior Community Amenities in Seattle, WA

An Mediterranean Dream in Seattle, WA

West Seattle Memory LRAs you step through the front door, the welcoming décor of Aegis of West Seattle is inspired by a fresh color palette and the relaxed chic style of a vacation villa.  Mediterranean Europe is a visual feast for the senses—awe-inspiring art, legendary cities, warm breezes, sun-kissed beaches, and sparkling blue water.   Aegis of West Seattle reflects this aesthetic with crisp white woodwork, vibrant Capri-blue accents, and sunbaked stone combined with the comfort and ease of a relaxing vacation.

Influenced by a potpourri of nationalities including Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese, Mediterranean countries are known to live life to the fullest.  These cultures seem to effortlessly make time to cook real food, share time with their extended family, and treat their friends as part of their family.  At Aegis of West Seattle, we will embrace this same zest for life through our delicious cuisine, enriching and inclusive activities, welcoming interior, and by treating our residents like members of our own family. The ease and graciousness of this community will have you hooked—like a vacation you never want to end.

West Seattle Dining booths    Admiral Room Web

West Seattle Massage Room    Theater

 Premium Amenities and Services 

    • Activity Room
    • Theater
    • Sports den
    • Activity Loft
    • Beauty Salon
    • Living Room and Dining Room Terraces
    • Roof top deck with video wall
    • Studio, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments.
    • Secured memory care and courtyard garden
    • Full-time nursing staff
    • Physician in-home primary care
    • Life enrichment activities to stimulate focus, alertness, social engagement and physical wellness.




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Seattle, WA 98119

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