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Short-Term Care in Seattle, WA - Aegis of Queen Anne on Galer

Short-Term Care in Seattle, WA

Aegis of Queen Anne on Galers offers short-term stays, also known as respite care stays, available for easy transition from a Seattle area hospital or skilled nursing facility to long-term assisted living. From a week up to a month, temporary stays are a great way to experience all the amenities and activities that Aegis has to offer and to give family caregivers a much-needed break.

Respite Stay Option

Respite Care Stays at Aegis of Queen Anne on Galer, offers opportunities to experience an our community and its amenities on a temporary basis:

Vacation Coverage – Vacation stays for respite care in our Seattle community can range from a couple weeks to a month. This allows you to take a short break, a long vacation or a business trip and feel secure that your parent will be well cared for by our exceptional staff.

Hospital Discharge – These short stays are an excellent option for seniors who may have recently been discharged from the hospital and need extra assistance while they heal. People living with dementia often need specialized care especially after a stressful and confusing hospital stay.  Our specially trained care staff in our Queen Anne community can give your parent or spouse the personalized attention they need while rehabilitating.

Trial Stay – Many of our families have trusted Aegis of Queen Anne on Galer in caring for their loved one while they are away on a business or personal trip.  Often both the parent and family member have had such a positive experience with the respite stay that they decided our Seattle assisted living community is the best long term care option.

What to know when considering a respite stay at Aegis of Queen Anne on Galer

  1. Include your parent or spouse. When planning for time off or away from caregiving for a family member be sure to include them in the decisions as much as possible. No matter what level of care they need it is important to share your plans and discuss the respite care options. Explain where you are going or what you are doing so they know why this change is occurring. Discuss the benefits of having their own adventure at our dementia care facility in Seattle, new activities, delicious food, and making new friends that are their peers.
  2. Review specific needs.Gather any medical or personal notes you have about your family member’s needs. Research what dementia care communities in Seattle provide with their respite care. Learn your options, tour the dementia care community and ensure all of your questions are answered ahead of time. Share any special care needs with the community advisor so you can be sure they are able to make the experience a positive one.
  3. Plan for a positive experience.Share with your loved one the good experience you had while touring the community you chose for the respite stay.  Share with them pictures of the community and the people that you met.  Tell them stories about the residents they will meet at the community so they can be more comfortable meeting new people. Decide together what small personal items they will bring with them for their respite stay. Day of, make it a special day with the food, music and other hobbies that they enjoy. Make the move to the community part of the special day. If possible send photos, emails and call during your time away to find out all of the wonderful experiences they are having.

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