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Senior Residents' Stories | Kirkland, WA - Aegis of Kirkland

Senior Residents' Stories | Kirkland, WA

“My mother, by her choice, over two years ago moved into a new assisted living facility on Whidbey Island. In addition, my mother recuperated at several convalescent homes in the past year after surgery. None of these facilities compared to Aegis of Kirkland! The owners, administrators and caregivers just did not have the same philosophy, knowledge, experience, empathy, dignity or respect for the residents that you have shown at Aegis. I applaud you! It takes a very special person to work with the elderly. You have shown patience, reassurance, support and, above all, that you care for the individual, even if YOU are having a bad day! And YOU did an excellent job keeping me informed each day when I arrived to see my mother. Always with a smiling face! My husband and mother have told me that my high expectations and perfectionist personality aren’t realistic, but you have proved them wrong.”


“I’m sure I am very normal, in that we made our decision to have Mom move to assisted living with much trepidation, fear, and emotional pain. I can honestly say that the day I dropped Mom off with Kathy Stewart and her staff was the saddest day of my life. I can also say that 10 days later I am bursting with joy! I want to applaud Kathy Stewart and her staff for creating such a homey, warm, attentive, and friendly atmosphere. Not only have they created this warm atmosphere, but their efficiency and multi-tasking ability is excellent. I lived in your community with Mom for the first five days. I kept a critical eye on your establishment as I helped Mom with her transition. My findings were better than I had dared dream for – your team was remarkable and I feel totally confident now leaving my mother under their care. I am a very relieved, happy daughter, thanks to you and your team.”


“Just a quick little note to all of you regarding my mom. As she settles into her new home, we know and want to acknowledge the love and care that her family at Aegis provided when she needed it. When she first came to your community, she did not remotely resemble herself. She was detached, depressed, and did not want to participate in anything. You gave her support and security but, most of all, you were patient and allowed her to heal. She is now the person I remember, and she shines. Thank you for reigniting the spark in her eyes and the candy in her pocket to share with all that surround her. Yes, she is remarkable. Yes, you at Aegis of Kirkland are too.”


“My mom lived six wonderful years at Aegis of Kirkland. During that time, our family and friends learned just how knowledgeable, caring, and loving all the people at Aegis are. It takes a clean, beautiful, and efficient facility to provide the kind of care my mom needed, but without the right people the best of facilities will fall short. Aegis strives to and succeeds in providing an enriching community experience. I like to think the excellent care provided by so many wonderful people is more like family. We will always be thankful that we found Aegis!”


“I was married to Mathlida for 53 years. In the last several years she came down with Alzheimer’s/dementia and I took care of her at home for about two years. As the disease became more dominant, the necessary duties became increasingly more complex and I sought assistance, despite the fact that I had someone coming in to help during the day.

“I stopped at Aegis of Kirkland to inquire about their program and operations. I found that they have a professional staff that could do things better than I was able to do, i.e., administering medications, the necessary daily cleaning, feeding and oversight of her welfare and safety. The community offered a balance that staying home did not afford.

“I’m not a great cook, and the food at Aegis of Kirkland is much better than I could provide. The ambience of the community and her room was comfortable, and the knowledge of frequent monitoring gave me peace of mind. The staff is well trained and supervised. They provide the resident with caring and assurance that they are there to help when help is needed.

“I was able to visit with my wife daily and felt the confidence that she was receiving the best of care until her final days. I still miss going there in the evenings, visiting with her and meeting with the staff on duty, getting updates on my wife’s condition and how well she did that day.

“I certainly recommend to anyone that needs professional care for their loved one to look into the program at Aegis of Kirkland. They can furnish information and direction that relieves the burden of care that I was not trained to provide when her condition became more demanding.”

~Mathilda’s Husband

“I am so grateful for the time my mom lived at Aegis of Kirkland. The directors and care staff were amazing and showed so much love and were genuinely concerned for her. I loved coming to Aegis to see my mom, and while there I also got to know some of the residents and the staff. The staff always extended a warm welcome and some of them even became like an extended family, and I miss them greatly. God’s Blessings to all of you!”

~Joanne, Daughter of Doris

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