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Senior Residents' Stories | Oceanside, CA - Aegis at Shadowridge

Senior Residents' Stories | Oceanside, CA

See what some of our residents and families have experienced at Aegis at Shadowridge.

We’re the people who make life better

Here are some of our family members’ stories:

“My mom has been a resident at Aegis for well over two years. … After visiting quite a few (senior living residences) in the area, there was no question in my mind that Aegis was the best choice. It wasn’t just the activities or food or facility – which are all great – but it was the people that convinced me. … Mom has told me a number of times how lucky she feels to be in such a nice place. … She has needed more help lately, and the level of care she has received has been excellent.”

“After losing my mom in December, I quickly realized that I could no longer let my 85-year-old father live alone. He suffers from dementia, and my parents had become quite dependent on each other these last couple years. I made the difficult decision of finding care for my dad closer to me in February when he was hospitalized with the flu. I looked at several places including Aegis at Shadowridge. … I met with John, and he could not have been kinder and more understanding. I moved my dad at the end of February, and I visit at least twice a week. I cannot tell you how much better he is doing. He is involved in the activities and loves the outings. It was really tough at the beginning. … I was taking Dad there to die. It is the exact opposite. He is there to live and have interaction with the many wonderful people at Aegis. Everyone there … is amazing. John has been with me every step of the way, offering advice and encouragement. I went in his office the other day and told him that this place was magical. It truly feels like a family and people genuinely care.”

“…. someone at the helm with the capacity to empathize with family members such as me and steer things in the direction of what they would wish for their own mother/father in similar situations …”

“I love the communication and the friendly staff! My mom just seems to be enjoying things so much more. Thank you also for taking her to exercise; we try and encourage that. … Her health is what matters most.”

“All I can do is humbly say thank you to John and his team for all that they have done/do/will do for one of the most important people in my life. A wise man told me, ‘don’t let yourself burn out on your father, there is a time and place to turn him over to the professionals.’ I just never dreamed I would love the professionals and trust them.”

“I wanted to tell you how much my family and I appreciate the work everyone at Aegis of Shadowridge does every day. My mom … and I truly feel that we have doubled the size our family by adding the Aegis staff to those who care for and about Mom. … To know that Mom is well cared for is such a weight off my shoulders.”

“You put my mind at ease with your understanding of how to address some of the small issues, those little issues not visible to family who are not there on a daily basis.”

“My grandmother is 82 and has dementia; my mother passed and my uncle left 20 years ago, so that left me and my brothers to take care of one of the most independent women I have ever known. … Nonetheless, through word of mouth one name kept coming up as a leader in dementia care and as a trusted place for patients/residents: Aegis. So my brothers and I went to take a look. The building is bright, open, and well decorated – it makes you feel at home right away. The staff is so happy and friendly it’s hard to wrap your mind around it. Even the night shift is upbeat and attentive. You are welcomed and cared for the second you walk through the door, potential patient and family alike. John told us about Aegis and gave us the tour. He was open and honest, and even my Grandma, who trusts NO ONE, was happy with him. We moved her in two days later. She is having much better days, and I can see more and more of the woman that she used to be shining through. Finding a nursing home/assisted living is a personalized decision based on finances, insurance, care the resident needs and wants, and what the family feels comfortable with, so I can’t tell anyone to go with this place or that place specifically. What I can say is check out Aegis. If it fits your needs like it did ours, you will be happy and so will your loved one.”


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