Tom Laborde, Chief Operations Officer
Tom Laborde, Infection Control
and Safety Officer

“From the beginning, we have always looked for ways to extend our support and appreciation to our dedicated staff.”

Tom Laborde, Infection Control and Safety Officer

We like to call Tom our coronavirus czar, as a dedicated leader, 100% committed to virus control. Tom serves as our Infection Control and Safety Officer leading the battle for Aegis Living against the pandemic and toward the future of senior care.  Promoting the latest developments in infection prevention and hygiene, Tom identifies the best technology to aid in keeping surfaces and air quality safer from harmful pathogens.   He works with Aegis Health and Operations experts to focus on training and skill-building that allow staff to confidently meet the unique Covid-19 challenges we face today.  With his extensive operational experience, Tom implements operational standards and process improvements that decrease the risk of transmission, so staff and residents can work and live safely. With infection control and disinfection protocols that exceed industry and government standards, Tom continues to drive innovations, strengthen the supply chain and vendor partnerships, and introduce new systems for best-in-class protection and prevention practices.

As the former Chief Operations Officer and veteran of Aegis Living, Tom is a staunch advocate for integrity in business and works throughout Aegis Living to ensure that the company delivers on its service promises. Tom joined Aegis Living in 1998 when it was a “virtual” company—no communities yet open, but three under construction. From his start as a Marketing Director, Tom quickly transitioned to the role of Executive Director at Aegis of Napa. After opening the community and stabilizing the business, he was promoted into corporate operations, first as Regional Vice President in 2001, then to Vice President of Operations, then Senior Vice President of Operations, and Chief Operations Officer in 2015.  Most recently he has been named the Infection Control and Safety Officer. His ability to nurture and manage people embodies Aegis Living’s servant-leader model. 

Prior to his time at Aegis Living, Tom enjoyed careers in risk management, physical therapy, and employment and training. Tom lives in Napa Valley and is passionate about his family, actively volunteers on various boards and advisory groups, and serves in the faith community. 

Tom has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Psychology from California State University-Hayward.