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Wisdom Diaries


Wisdom Diaries is an original collection of artistically told short stories in film sharing our love of diversity, civility, wisdom, and peace. We believe that diversity is the beautiful part of our one shared human experience. And we feel strongly that we need to find ways to rediscover each other.  Because when you know a bit of a person’s story, you open the door to empathy—which nurtures civility. Our own staff and residents joined together in this effort to help illustrate that we have a lot in common as a human race.

We call this project the Wisdom Diaries.

Because the more we learn about each other, the wiser we become.

Our Shared Stories

Prepare to have your heart warmed and your smile lines stretched.  Thank you to all our employees and residents who shared their stories and the vision to spread a message of love and inclusion.  Now you can share and inspire others!


Beautiful Faces and So Many Places


Destine and the Judge

You never know when your path will cross with someone who will change your life and impact you in ways more profound than you could imagine. While the other films in our Wisdom Diaries feature real residents and employees, this fictional short film featuring a young immigrant, Destine, dramatizes a poetic story of moments reflective of real life and illustrates further how our stories unite us.