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Testimonials from EPIC Speakers

Here are the thoughts and shared experiences of some of our EPIC speakers:

“Dwayne has a unique gift as a leader to inspire his employees in an industry known for perpetual burnout. EPIC is part of that vision, a retreat that encourages his leading staff to dream big and rewards them for excellent work. I spoke at EPIC 2012 about a recent experience in Cambodia and was amazed by the compassionate reaction of Dwayne and his staff [from Aegis Living]. I told them about children I’d met rescued from the sex industry and their need for better housing. Aegis decided to do what they do best, build a home for a vulnerable population.”
– Susan Sarandon, Actor (2012)

“I would like to express gratitude to Aegis Living for inviting me to the EPIC annual conference, which brings in people from different areas: celebrity, business, technology and survivors from the ground, to share their very different life experiences and learn from one another. The stories shared at EPIC addressed the reality, causes and factors of varying issues, including sexual trafficking and exploitation, and made our world seem smaller, collaborative, and committed to positive change. The Voices for Change survivor leaders and I were met with love, hope, encouragement and brightness. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing gathering of people. I believe that life is love, and love has no condition, and the EPIC conference demonstrated clearly that Aegis shares this belief. ”
– Somaly Mam, Founder of Somaly Mam Foundation (2013)

“I had the great pleasure of meeting many members of the close-knit Aegis community. I was incredibly inspired by their charitable commitments, both locally, in their own backyard with their dedication to seniors, and also internationally, in relation to the struggle to end human trafficking. I am amazed by their willingness to give back and volunteer their time to change the world. Their actions and commitments demonstrate how much they care about creating life-changing experiences for their team of employees, their community and the world at large.”
– Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder Free The Children and Me to We (2013)

“My experience was more of a learning one. One important take-home for me was that Aegis Living is more than just a business, but a culture of effective organization driven by compassion, clarity of goals and acknowledgement of effort/strength. I had a great experience doing my workshop. The lineup of the speakers, the gala, dinner, and the people Marian and I interacted with made me think that Aegis could host a fantastic reality show – one that could create great management trends. It was fantastic.”
– Okello Sam, Founder of Hope North Uganda (2013)

“It will never appear as a line item in a compensation package, but I believe EPIC is the greatest benefit a company could give one of its employees. I went to EPIC to inspire others. But they ended up inspiring me.”
– Court Crandall, Partner/Executive Creative Director at Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener (2013)