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EPIC 2016

At EPIC, we drew inspiration from our guest speakers, who each shared the trials and experiences that led to their success. Their passion and courage has led them to innovative work and leadership in business, science, technology, philanthropy and more.

EPIC 2016 Speakers

photo of Dan_PriceDan Price, Founder & CEO of Gravity Payments
Price founded Gravity Payments from his university dorm room. Dan’s lifelong mission became apparent upon witnessing thousands of hard-working small business owners being overcharged and underserved by their credit card processors.

Dan’s recent decision to raise his company’s minimum salary to $70,000 has captured headlines and inspired millions around the world. His 40-year-goal is to be a small speck in the revolution where business ceases to be about financial engineering and greed to one that is about values and serving others.

Mike_photo of Dinsdale. CFOMike Dinsdale, Chief Growth Officer of DocuSign
Mike joined the DocuSign executive team in May of 2010 as CFO where he was instrumental in driving DocuSign’s rapid global expansion and played an integral role both in guiding strategy and securing late-stage funding from international investors.

As Chief Growth Officer, Mike leads DocuSign’s Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investment Partnerships, and efforts to extend the reach of The DocuSign Global Trust Network. He’s an avid tech nerd and is fascinated by how new devices and technologies act to shape our ever-changing world.

SS_PhotoStephen Shedletzky, Head Engagement Officer with Simon Sinek’s Start With Why
Stephen stands to engage people in meaningful ways so that we live in a more fulfilled world. As the Head Engagement Officer Stephen serves those inspired by the movement to inspire and live in service to others. In his engaging and dynamic style he speaks, leads workshops, consults and coaches to help leaders and organizations discover, articulate and live their WHY – their driving purpose, cause or belief.

Jason_Silva_HeadshotJason Silva, Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s Brain Games
Combining intriguing insights and a mastery of digital film-making, Silva delivers “philosophical shots of espresso” which unravel the incredible possibilities the future has to offer the human race. His web series, “Shots of Awe,” has garnered millions of views around the world.

Called the “Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age” by The Atlantic, Jason draws from his to share his inspirational take on scientific and technological advancements, existentialism, metaphysics and philosophy.

photo of John_LarsonJohn Larson, Correspondent for NBC and PBS
Larson’s career has taken him to the corners of the world to investigate the sinking of a ferry in Indonesia, a 5-year-old Buddhist Monk in Nepal, corrupt police in Mexico City, a terrorist attack in Central Africa, the war in Iraq, and many, many more.

In 2014, he was nominated for an Emmy for “Flying Coach” – his series about the life stories of people who sit next to him on airplanes. “The best stories are often not where I am coming from, or flying to, at all,” he wrote, “but sitting right next to me.”

photo of David_de_RothschildDavid de Rothschild, Adventurer and Environmentalist
David is leading a new generation of action-oriented change makers and reigniting a collective spirit of hope that the fate of our planet can be rewritten.

In early 2010 David and his team designed and built a one of a kind, fully recyclable catamaran (Plastiki) made buoyant by 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles and sailed 8,000 miles across the Pacific to alert the world to the devastating effects of single use plastics.

David is always debating, collaborating and innovating solutions for a more sustainable planet and driving individuals and groups alike to unlock their human potential and dream big.

photo of Sharon_StoneSharon Stone, Actor, Producer, Director, Writer, Song Writer/Lyricist, Activist, Humanitarian
Sharon Stone began her career working as a model and actor appearing in network television. She made her film debut in, Stardust Memories. In 1992, Sharon starred in Basic Instinct, and in 1995, she earned a Golden Globe Award and Academy Award nomination for her role in Martin Scorsese’s masterpiece, Casino.

In 1995, Sharon stepped in for Dame Elizabeth Taylor at the amfAR Gala; she has continued her work with the organization for 20 years, raising hundreds of millions to find a cure, and achieving major treatment advances including pediatric care for those suffering from AIDS. In 2013, Sharon was honored by the Nobel Peace Laureates at the Nobel Peace Summit, where she was given the ‘Peace Summit Award’ by His Holiness the Dalai Lama for her continuous humanitarian work.

photo of Tyra BanksTyra Banks, Model, Businesswoman and Philanthropist
Expanding the definition of beauty is something Tyra has always believed in, as a supermodel and as a super-businesswoman.
Tyra created and executive produced the first and longest running fashion competition-based reality television series, America’s Next Top Model (ANTM), with 22 cycles. Most recently, Tyra created a one-of-a-kind cosmetics experience – TYRA Beauty.

She is CEO of The Tyra Banks Company—a place where beauty meets entertainment. She recently developed Fierce Capital, the investment arm of The Tyra Banks Company, which invests in early-stage companies, including firms that are female-led or female-focused. Her passion is the TZONE Foundation, a non-profit organization that invests in young women to help them realize their ambitions and approach life’s challenges with fierce determination.