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EPIC 2014

A Thirst for the Profound was the theme for EPIC 2014. The goal was to drive attendees to search out new experiences that would enhance their lives, and awaken their passion for life and their compassion for others.

During the three-day journey of EPIC 2014, we met individuals who selflessly shared their profound stories. We felt their passion, commitment and love. Their drive for life, thirst for the profound and compassion for others was contagious.

Epic 2014 Speakers

Erin ReillyErin Reilly

We are proud to say Erin is an Aegis Living employee, first-time public speaker, cancer survivor and so much more. He shared his life’s journey with us and how he made it to love himself.

Neal PetersonNeal Peterson

Extreme adventurer, award-winning author, captivating storyteller, thought-provoking motivator. Neal motivated us to do what is necessary to overcome fear and reach our audacious goals.

Dr. Jim OlsonDr. Jim Olson

World famous cancer researcher, discovering and developing promising new drugs for cancer patients as well as a molecular imaging agent derived from scorpion venom. Jim inspired us to care for others and overcome obstacles to achieve miraculous goals.

Ashley JuddAshley Judd

Ashley Judd is a celebrated and acclaimed actor who has recently chosen to focus on humanitarian work, including serving as a board member, advocate and activist for poverty alleviation, public health, human rights and social justice.

J.R. MartinezJ.R. Martinez

An actor, best-selling author, motivational speaker and U.S. Army veteran, J.R. devotes himself to showing others the true value of making the most of every situation.

Adrian GrenierAdrian Grenier

Adrian is an actor, writer, director, producer and musician who has also co-founded SHFT.com, an environmental lifestyle website that promotes sustainability through video, design, art and culture.

Spencer WestSpencer West

A visionary and activist who devotes his life to global speaking. Spencer partners with Free the Children and the international We Day events to help the children of our world.

Mary-Louise ParkerMary-Louise Parker

Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony award-winning actor, writer and humanitarian, Mary-Louise partners with Okello Sam and the Hope North organization, among other foundations she is passionate about.

John MoffittJohn Moffitt

After a three-year NFL career, John decided to leave the NFL for reasons concerning personal health, happiness and the pursuit of new interests.