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EPIC 2018

This year EPIC brought us many speakers with a focus on hope, as our EPIC theme was A Time of Hope. From them we learned more about empathy, compassion, truth and managing difficult life experiences. Their courage to share life challenges and advice on how to overcome adversity and live a hopeful life was inspiring.

EPIC 2018 Speakers

Daryl Davis Headshot

Daryl Davis is an international recording artist, published author and actor.  He is a vocalist, guitarist, composer and keyboardist extraordinaire.

Over the past two decades he has written nonfiction stories of setting up surprise meetings with Klan leaders who were unaware of his skin color, and attending Klan rallies. He is a race relations expert and has received acclaim for his book Klan-Destine Relationships, and his work in race relations.

matt roloff

Matt Roloff is best known for starring in the hit TLC reality show ‘Little People, Big World.’ Tens of millions of people around the world have followed the lives of his family. He operates a successful family farm, has authored two books, was a top salesman for Fortune 500 companies, and owns a company specializing in mobility equipment designed for little people. He has served as national President of Little People of America and has since co-founded a non-profit organization that supports little people.

rick rigsby

Dr. Rick Rigsby is an award-winning journalist. He followed a television career with graduate school and two decades as a college professor. His dynamic presentations motivate, and inspire people worldwide.

Named twice as an outstanding professor in the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M, he has numerous publications.  His first non-academic book—Lessons from a Third Grade Dropout—is a USA TODAY, Wall Street Journal and Amazon best seller.

Presley Alexander

Presley Alexander was 7 years old, and a big fan of YouTube, so she wanted to start her own channel.  She talked her family into starting a channel with her and she started posting a video every day.

What started out as just a fun project turned into a way for her to explore the world and learn more about herself in the process.  From covering social justice events to teaching science and Japanese, and interviewing celebrities, she has been on quite a journey the past five years.

annie griffiths

Annie Griffiths is one of the first women photographers to work for National Geographic and has photographed in nearly 150 countries.  In addition to magazine work she is committed to photographing for aid organizations around the world.

She is the founder and Executive Director of Ripple Effect Images, a collective of photographers who document programs that are empowering women and girls in the developing world.  In less than five years, Ripple’s work has helped 24 non-profits raise over a million dollars.

Lopez Lomong ImageLopez Lomong was born in a small village in southern Sudan in 1985. His village was attacked while he was attending church, and he was taken by rebel soldiers from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. After weeks of watching other boys slowly die in the rebel camp, he was able to escape with the help of three other boys. He would spend the next 10 years in this refugee camp. He wrote an essay to the Catholic Charities about what he would do if he were able to come to the U.S. His essay moved the people Catholic Charities so much that he became one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who were relocated to the United State to begin a new life.

In 2007, he became a professional runner and in 2008, after becoming a US citizen, he made the Olympic team.

Mandy HarveyMandy Harvey 
is an award winning singer, songwriter and motivational speaker who just happens to have an invisible disability. A Vocal Music Education major at Colorado State University, she lost her residual hearing in 2006-2007 at age eighteen due to a connective tissue disorder. She pursued several career options, including education, but returned to music in 2008, her true passion could no longer be denied.

She quickly became a regular performer at various venues and has released three albums. Though her hearing loss is profound, her timing and pitch are perfect and her passion is tremendous. With support from friends, family and her faith, she continues to find joy in music.

Sylvester Stallone imageSylvester Stallone 
has established worldwide recognition as an actor, writer and director since he played the title role in his own screenplay, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture. That motion picture, grew to a franchise of five sequels and critical audience success.

More recently he released his most ambitious project to date, an action thriller which he wrote, directed and starred in. The film opened number one at the box office – making him the only actor to open a number one film across five decades.

In addition to his extensive film career, he is an accomplished artist, completing paintings on canvas as well as sculpture work. He has had impressive exhibitions at Art Basil, The Russian State Museum and most recently at the Nice Museum of Contemporary Art in France.