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Aegis Living’s Values

Aegis Living is driven to show the world what senior housing can truly become, and to light the way for new attitudes about how we can make life better. One of the ways we do this is through our Aegis Affirmations. Using the word SERVICE, each letter represents a value statement about Aegis, our employees, our residents and our families.

Shape the Company Through Innovation

Since 1997, Aegis has steadily pioneered new ways to improve the lives of our residents. The idea of creating stress-free Life’s Neighborhoods for seniors with dementia was considered impossible until Aegis blazed the trail.

Today, we remain committed to lighting the way for new ideas and attitudes about seniors. Respecting and listening to our employees, residents and families is a high value for us. Even the smallest ideas for improvement are so important. Truly, when it comes to brightening the lives of our residents, there is no such thing as a “small idea.”

Employ and Retain the Finest Staff

The people of Aegis come from many different backgrounds. We are different from each other in many ways, but the same in one: we don’t just want to make a living – we want to make a difference.

“Employ and retain the finest staff” means that we are committed to attracting the very best people. By “best” we mean the most caring and compassionate; the most professional and attentive; the most responsive to our residents’ needs; and the most universally committed to making a difference in every community we serve. In return, we will provide the best training, the best opportunities for advancement and the best working environment in our field of care.

Reinforce Regulatory and Safety Issues

Aegis is more than a company; it’s a community. When the term “community” is used, most people think of a place where people know and care for one another – the kind of place where people don’t just ask, “how are you?” but actually wait to hear the answer.

The people of Aegis care deeply about the comfort and safety of our staff, residents and families. A frequent question throughout every Aegis community is, “How are we doing on safety issues?”

Familiar reminders are: “Never cut corners on safety. Move quickly and efficiently, but do not hurry or rush. Take good care of yourself, just as you have taken such good care of our residents and their families.”

Value Co-workers, Residents and Families

More and more each day, Aegis Living is in the national spotlight. The world is beginning to realize that we don’t just care for our residents, we care about them. When we read about our company in the news, all employees can share the pride and satisfaction. Why? Because there is no such thing as an unimportant person, role or task at Aegis. Every job is vital to our residents and to our team. It really does take each of us to make a difference for all of us.

Moving forward, let’s all reaffirm this unique dimension of the Aegis culture. Let’s continue to ensure that every co-worker, resident and family member is sincerely valued and respected.

Influence Our Community’s Success

Many senior housing companies are owned by public companies that must answer to their stockholders. But Aegis is a family-owned company, and that means we are empowered to make the important decisions in each of our communities. It’s a huge responsibility and one that is shared by all our employees.

Today, every employee in every Aegis community will make many decisions, large and small, to improve the lives of their residents and directly influence the success of their community. In this way, every member of our team is a vital part of the Aegis family. In an Aegis Living community, every job is important and every person makes a measurable difference in the quality of our care.

Celebrate Each Resident’s Life

Dwayne Clark is our founder and CEO. Dwayne’s 82-year-old mother is a resident at Aegis – and she has lived an amazing life. Here is a loving and courageous woman who fought for her country in World War II, tracked elephants in India, herded sheep on an Idaho ranch and raised four successful children. Now she has Alzheimer’s disease and has trouble remembering her son’s name – but each day we proudly all join with him in celebrating her life.

Since opening our first community, Aegis has served more than 10,000 seniors, each one a cherished individual. At Aegis, “serving” means something special. It means looking beyond the frailty of the people who come to live with us. It means seeing and celebrating the full richness of their lives and sharing in their futures.

Exceed Customer Expectations

They used to call them “old folks’ homes.” When you first visited, it was a sad experience from the moment you entered the door. Any visitor was shocked by what they saw, heard and felt.

Today, when people visit Aegis Living for the very first time, they, too, are usually shocked by what they find. They may come expecting doom and gloom, but they soon discover joy and light. A smiling face … A warm greeting at the door … The smell of freshly baked bread … A place of life, love and hope. These are the ways we exceed our customers’ expectations. It is fulfilling work … a work of heart.