Aegis of Fremont

Aegis of Fremont - Life with Assistance

Step into our lovely, close-knit retirement community and you’ll notice the difference immediately. Our caring and compassionate staff greet you by name and you’ll smell freshly baked cookies or warm buttery popcorn. Outstanding care, comfort and friendship — all the things that make this retirement community your home.

We will exceed your expectations with our cuisine, our level of care and first-class amenities. Indulge in chef-prepared cuisine.  Our residents enjoy three elegant meals daily from comfort food to seasonally prepared chef specials and ample snacks in between. Aegis of Fremont offers the latest amenities, whether you want to be pampered, run an errand, soak in the bathtique or have the concierge assist you. And our highly trained caregivers never underestimate the power of a smile, gentle touch and a kind word.